The 50k is two loops of the 25k course which covers nearly all of the cool trails in Beacon Rock State Park including Hardy Ridge, Hardy Creek and Hamilton Mountain. From Hamilton Mountain the runners will be treated with great views of the Columbia River Gorge and the surrounding Cascade Mountains including Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.  The 25k(3700ft of elevation gain) has two big climbs Hardy(mostly gradual) and Hamilton(mostly steep) and two long gradual downhills and the 50k(7500ft of elevation gain) does both climbs and downhills twice.  The trails, except when they're on the steep uphills, for the most part are very runnable and are in really good condition. There's a tiny bit of pavement at the begining and end of each 25k loop. 

There will be five full aid stations for the 50k(mi 5.5, 11.8, 15.5, 20.5 and 27.3) and two for the 25k(mi 5.5 and 11.8). The aid stations will have water, nuun electrolyte drink, succeed electrolyte caps, gu, and a wide variety of the normal ultra aid station food(cookies, chips, candy, potatoes, etc.) Drop bags only at mile 15.5. 

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